Reach First-Time Homebuyers

Reach First-Time Homebuyers

Help first-time homebuyers navigate the complex home-buying process. Use these valuable resources to:

  • Learn more about our mortgage products and training opportunities
  • Help first-time homebuyers get started
  • Assist business sources in preparing mortgage-ready homebuyers

Product Information and Training

Grow your business by offering first-time homebuyers mortgage options that meet their needs. We have competitive and responsible mortgage solutions for mortgage-ready borrowers, even those with limited funds for down payment.


Home Possible® mortgages. Leverage the power of our low down payment mortgage program to serve low- to moderate-income borrowers, millennials and underserved communities.

HFA Advantage® Program. Refer borrowers who need down payment assistance to their nearest housing finance agency (HFA), where they can qualify for a grant and take advantage of our special mortgage offering just for HFAs.

Fixed-rate mortgages. Leverage the power of a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan with a traditional 15-, 20-, or 30- year fixed-rate mortgage. These products offer payment stability and are an excellent option for first-time homebuyers.

Super conforming mortgages. Increase your market penetration with affordable financing options for homebuyers who are looking to buy their first homes in high-cost areas.


Search ‘Loan Product Advisor’ on both Freddie Mac Learning and The Learning Center for training and education resources

Condominium Projects Eligibility Requirements. This 90-minute interactive webinar will provide originators, processors, and underwriters with a high-level overview of Freddie Mac’s requirements for Condominium Unit Mortgages.

Assets and Acceptable Sources of Funds. In this interactive 90-minute webinar we will review our requirements, guidelines, and policy changes for asset calculation and documentation to help ensure that borrowers have acceptable and sufficient funds.

Underwriting Income and Employment. In this interactive two-hour webinar we will review our requirements, guidelines, and policy changes for employment and income calculations and documentation to help ensure that borrowers have the ability to repay obligations.

Grow Your Business Sources

Strengthen your relationships with real estate professionals, brokers, correspondents,and housing counselors by offering borrower outreach materials that help these business sources better prepare borrowers for homeownership.

Your Step-by-Step Mortgage Guide. Share this publication with your business sources so they can help potential homebuyers navigate the mortgage process and take the right steps to purchase their home. Contact information and logo can be added to the front and back covers. Available in English and Spanish.

Homeownership Education Series. These ready-to-use educational materials can be used to guide consumers through the various stages of the homebuying process . Available in English and Spanish.

Freddie Mac Real Estate Professionals Resource Center – Send real estate professionals to this comprehensive resource website.

Freddie Mac Housing Counselors Resource Center – Direct the housing counselors in your network to Freddie Mac’s website dedicated to serving their needs.

Blog Posts. Share the link to our free Blog posts with your network. Topics include posts on owning or renting a home, the housing market, and housing finance – plus how they impact the broader economy. They can also share tips on buying a home and avoiding scams. Find out where their housing market – and the next generation of homebuyers – are headed. They can even view the latest research and analysis on key housing topics from housing affordability to current market trends.

My Home by Freddie Mac® consumer website. Share with your business sources the link to this interactive website for consumers that helps them become smart homebuyers, homeowners, and renters.

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    Additional Resources

    Learn more about available programs that can help qualified homebuyers – including first-time homebuyers – bridge down payment and closing cost gaps in the Explore Down Payment Assistance Options section.

    Reach Borrowers

    Take advantage of these resources to expand your reach and assist first-time homebuyers with the homebuying process.

    Do You Picture Your Child in Their Own Home One Day?

    Paint the Walls Any Color You Want.

    Understanding Automated Underwriting. This customizable marketing brochure provides details for your borrowers about automated underwriting and the role it plays in the mortgage process.

    Customizable marketing materials. Enhance your first-time homebuyer borrower outreach efforts with these pre-designed marketing materials that you can customize with your logo and contactinformation.

    Visit our Affordable Lending web page.

    Qualifying for a mortgage as First-Time Buyer: 5 requirements that are common

    First-time house purchasers generally have a complete large amount of questions regarding the home loan approval procedure. Probably one of the most typical concerns we have from our visitors is: do you know the steps in qualifying for a mortgage being a buyer that is first-time? And which are the minimum certification requirements to get a very first home mortgage? Here’s what you should understand.

    Just how to be eligible for a A mortgage as a First-Time Buyer

    Mortgage brokers glance at a number of facets when loan that is considering. Earnings, credit ratings, financial obligation ratios, and advance payment funds are among the most critical indicators for first-time purchasers qualifying for a mortgage. Therefore let’s explore each one of these.

    1. Credit History Needs

    Fico scores are perhaps one of the most crucial qualification demands for a mortgage. This is certainly real for first-time and buyers that are repeat.

    Fico scores are three-digit numbers that basically show the manner in which you have actually borrowed and paid back cash in past times. They truly are computed immediately by sophisticated algorithms that use information discovered inside a person’s credit history. The FIFO credit scoring model may be the one most frequently employed by mortgage brokers. It comes to qualifying for a home loan as a first-time buyer so it’s generally the one that matters most, when.

    Minimal credit-score requirements may differ in one home loan system to a higher. The FHA loan program the most lenient, with regards to credit criteria. First-time house purchasers whom utilize an FHA loan will need to have a credit rating of at least 580, when they desire to make use of the 3.5% advance payment choice.

    Traditional mortgage loans (that are not insured or fully guaranteed by the government) typically have greater credit score requirements. To be eligible for a loan that is conventional first-time house purchasers could need a credit history of 600 or higher. That quantity is not always printed in rock, however it does signify a common cutoff point utilized by lenders. Some set the club also greater at around 620. it may differ.

    All sorts of things that an increased credit rating shall help you whenever qualifying for a mortgage as being a first-time customer. It might additionally assist you to secure a reduced home loan rate, which could help you save money in the long run.

    2. Fundamental Money Demands

    Your revenue degree will even influence your capability to be eligible for a mortgage loan being a buyer that is first-time. This really is real for perform buyers also.

    For obvious reasons, mortgage brokers wish to make sure that you have actually adequate earnings to settle your property loan obligation.

    3. Debt-to-income Ratios

    Home financial obligation is yet another important certification requirement for first-time house buyers looking for a home loan loan. Mortgage brokers will review your overall debts to make sure that you aren’t dealing with way too much extra debt with the purchase of mortgage.

    To work on this, they appear at one thing referred to as the debt-to-income ratio, or DTI. It is essentially an evaluation amongst the amount of cash you get while the quantity spent on the recurring debts.

    right Here once more, there isn’t any single limit that is applicable over the whole home loan industry. Lots of loan providers today set the club somewhere around 40percent to 43per cent, when it comes to total ratio that is debt-to-income. Borrowers that have compensating factors may be permitted to have total DTI because high as 50%. It varies.

    The underside line let me reveal that if your combined month-to-month debts “soak up” significantly more than 50percent of one’s earnings, it’s likely you have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage being a first-time customer.

    4. Papers, Documents, Papers

    We simply talked exactly how mortgage brokers will verify debt and income amounts. They are doing this by taking a look at your taxation documents for the final few years, bank statements, pay stubs, and much more. Be ready to provide these as well as other financial papers whenever qualifying for a mortgage.

    5. Minimal Down-Payment Demands

    Down re payments are another requirement that is important first-time buyers. You will probably have to make a down payment of some kind unless you use a government-backed program, such as a VA or USDA loan.

    The minimum down-payment requirement of qualifying for a home loan can differ, according to the kind of mortgage getting used. Main-stream loans can need as low as 3% down in a few full instances, although some loan providers could wish for 5%. The FHA home loan system enables for the down payment of 3.5% for the price or appraised value.

    The good thing is that first-time house purchasers can buy advance payment funds from a third-party, such as for example a member of family or friend that is close. Many home loan programs enable advance payment gift ideas, which is cash distributed by a party that is third the debtor that is really buying the house.

    The significant caveat is the fact that cash must certainly be something special, and never a social legislation. In reality, the individual supplying the funds will need to offer a present page as well, which must declare that they don’t expect any type or type of payment.

    So those are among the important factors whenever qualifying for a mortgage as being a buyer that is first-time. In most cases, borrowers looking for home financing loan require a decent credit rating, a workable standard of financial obligation, and in some cases a down payment.

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