Brit dating specialist tells guys to prevent ‘overweight and entitled’ UK women… and go with ‘good and beautiful’ Russian and Eastern European girls alternatively

Brit dating specialist tells guys to prevent ‘overweight and entitled’ UK women… and go with ‘good and beautiful’ Russian and Eastern European girls alternatively

Richard Los Angeles Ruina said ‘entitled’ Uk ladies do not care for their appearance

A BRITISH expert that is dating delivered a scathing critique of English women – and strongly suggested that blokes date Eastern European girls instead.

Richard Los Angeles Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has posted two bestselling-books on seduction and it has been called “one regarding the national country’s top pick-up artists” into the past.

The dating expert claims Uk ladies are becoming entitled and overweight.

He securely recommends their English male consumers to avoid ladies that are home-grown aim for Eastern European girls – who’re more feminine, well-mannered and prettier, in their opinion.

In reality, after realising that British women were “not marriage material”, Richard moved to Moscow, Russia last year because of the single intent behind finding a woman to subside with.

He since dated around 200 “good and breathtaking women that are russian before he met his spouse Katia in February 2015 in a club.

Katia is intentionally unemployed while the few desire to have young ones into the year that is next.

Richard, whom married Katia, 26, in December this past year in Mauritus, stated: “In my expert and individual viewpoint, i recommend that my male consumers not date British women.

“If you’re searching for a lady that is gorgeous, smart and has good ways, then try using an eastern girl that is european.

“Obviously my mum is English and never such as this – however in basic, i do believe Uk women can be entitled, overweight and less feminine.

“They want some guy that is effective, good-looking and chivalrous and even though they don’t have much to offer in exchange.


“And they need the person to be a gentleman and even though they will not fulfil the old-fashioned part for the girl when you look at the home and care for their appearance. English women consider they deserve become with a guy like this.

“I’ve came across a lot of effective, good Uk guys who will be desperate for a gf in the united kingdom dating scene – because English women can be interested in in extra. They’re too confused and additionally they don’t make pleasant wives.

“Meanwhile Eastern European ladies are gorgeous, ladylike, achieved and have now old-fashioned family members values. They’ve been way more direct, refined plus in control over themselves – you won’t see them swearing, getting drunk in a nightclub or home that is going some body in the very very first date similar to Uk girls.

“And clearly, appearance and beauty perform a factor that is huge. High and slim girls will be the norm in Eastern European nations.

“For me however, ladies in Russia will be the package that is whole. You are able to head to Russia and simply find a lady whom appears like a supermodel, possesses Masters degree and will have fun with the violin at precisely the same time.”

Richard said he relocated to Moscow to locate a spouse but dated a huge selection of stunning Russian girls until he came across Katia.

He confessed: “once I ended up being solitary, we kept the actual fact about Eastern European females being a lot better than British females a key because I became enjoying the business of countless wonderful girls. But now I’m married, I’m thrilled to spread the message.”

Richard says that Brexit could possibly be serious for the love life of Uk blokes – and thinks that English women should switch to become more like their Russian counterparts.

Richard explains: “I’m always disappointed whenever it is tough for my stunning Russian female buddies to get to England due to visas and so on. For Uk dudes, it might be a godsend to own more Eastern European girls in their nation.

“Of course, i do believe Uk ladies should alter. They are able to discover a whole lot from Russian girls about how to be an appealing and stunning – perhaps not simply in appearance but additionally in behavior.”

Before becoming certainly one of Britain’s most famed pick-up artists, Richard was indeed unsuccessful utilizing the other intercourse – and didn’t kiss a female until he had been 21 years old.

However in their mid-twenties, Richard learned all about seduction. Quickly he’d no trouble picking right on up tens of thousands of females and started teaching other people about their pick-up techniques that are dating.

But Richard, who was simply staying in London at that time, became unhappy aided by the calibre of solitary Uk girls.


UNDERSTAND SEVERAL NATIVE PHRASES: Learn several expressions in Russian or your selected Eastern European language. It shall instantly endear you to definitely any girl you meet.

TRY YOUR LOCAL TINDER: head to Russia or Eastern Europe for a couple days and decide to try the Tinder that is local or dating events away. Have the feel for the dating scene and it’s the perfect time with local guys here – Eastern Europeans in many cases are actually approachable and certainly will expose you to their feminine mates.

DRAW OUT THE INNER ALPHA MALE: Be decisive, manly and confident. Eastern European females don’t that way male that is wishy-washy claims to like Intercourse therefore the City too and allows their girlfriend walk all over them. They don’t realize that attractive so with ladies, you have to be the strong, stable and safe man whom stands company whenever challenged.

BE TRUTHFUL AND OPEN WHENEVER APPROACHING LADIES: Unlike British females, Eastern girls that are european like their males to skirt round the subject. Whenever you see a beautiful woman that is russian the club, be direct and get directly as much as them. Inform her she’s gorgeous and for dinner or a drink that you want to take her. Being truthful often works and also as long as you appear alright, they’ll probably agree and carry on a night out together with you. It’s less complicated as compared to UK scene that is dating.

Richard, who charges over $500 (?377) for a one-hour skype call together with his customers, stated: “Over time, we realised that we wasn’t actually enjoying my dates with English women.

“By my thirties, i desired to have hitched and meet an individual who i desired to subside with. But we wasn’t discovering the right woman in Britain and had been wondering whether I had a need to reduce my requirements to locate a partner that is long-term.

“i really could effortlessly head out in main London for A friday night, kiss a woman and most likely simply take them house after. But none of the ladies had been wedding material.

“However I did get a chance to date girls from different countries and I found my best experiences were with Russian women who had recently come to the UK.” whilst I was in London,

Richard’s pick-up business that is dating to flourish and then he chose to go travelling in ’09. On their journey, his realised that Eastern European ladies – especially Russian girls – had been their favourite variety of females.

So in 2011, Richard decided to permanently move to Moscow september.

He stated: “My company had been doing well and so I chose to get focus and travelling on my individual life. We decided to go to 59 nations in total and inside my travels, We realised that the essential stunning girls had been in Eastern Europe.

“I went along to the Ukraine, Lithuania, Lativia and Estonia amongst other nations, however when i eventually got to Moscow I made the decision that Russian girls were my favourite when it comes to looks and character.

“that they had these exemplary characteristics by the bucket load that I wanted to spend my life with so I decided to move there permanently and find the woman.

“once I found Russia, I happened to be surprised by exactly exactly exactly how stunning and great these females had been. But we told myself that we wasn’t likely to subside with all the very first woman we came across in Moscow.

“After being in Britain for such a long time, we provided myself time and energy to adapt to exactly just exactly how stunning Russian ladies had been, instead of instantly hit up a relationship that is long-term.

“I became intent on making the right choice about my future and I also had been confident Russia had been the best destination to fulfill my spouse.”

Richard has because seen a motion amongst effective British guys that are going to Eastern Europe, especially Russia, to meet up their future spouses.

He explained: “In the past few years, there does appear to be a movement towards Eastern European females.

“There’s an increase of rich male entrepreneurs who’re unsatisfied making use of their love life in the united kingdom and realize that the answer will be head to Russia where it is simply easier to allow them to meet with the most useful ladies.

“But I think any Uk man who likes old-fashioned family members values, beauty and femininity, is going for the Eastern woman that is european.

“Although then don’t go after a Russian woman. if a man desires a spouse to take in beer with, view the soccer with and usually be one of many lads with –”

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