Danny Drinkwater will get a second chance, says Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Burnley boss Sean Dyche is pleased to provide a second chance after the midfielder had been injured in an incident outside a nightclub to Danny Drinkwater.
The Chelsea midfielder also suffered a shoulder problem that is set to rule out him for a variety of weeks and was envisioned with face injuries.
Dyche is known as a supervisor who values professionalism highly but, openly, he declined to criticise Drinkwater, stating:”[Footballers] are now human beings, they’ve private lives, which sometimes are not personal, obviously. And they get in scratches.
“He’s definitely old enough and smart enough to know you do whatever you can to not get in scrapes, but sometimes it occurs.
“We’ve been large over our time here – you can not simply discuss development if it’s good news, but you also have to work with players if things are not quite as great.
“It has been that type of situation, have a conversation with him and say, what happened Firstly, what was the situation that led to it. OK, let us go away from that, now where to do we proceed from here. I think that’s where we are at.”
Dyche failed to show whether Burnley have penalized Drinkwater, saying:”Just talked to himthe remainder of it is private.”
The 29-year-old made his Clarets introduction by Sunderland at the Carabao Cup defeat having missed the beginning of the season to build up his fitness.
Dyche included:”He’s a player that I had worked with before at Watford. I think I know a tiny bit about what he is around, he’s had a lot happen since a lot of successes in his career, naturally, so that I think we would like to return to this.
“This is merely a bump from the circumstance. We wish to ensure he gets right back to being completely match, playing well, the eye of the tiger it can take to be a top player.”
Speaking on the injury sustained by Drinkwater, Dyche stated:”This bit is not perfect. It is a part and parcel of this episode. It’s not severe but it’s still going to be a few weeks and becoming another game into catch up.
“If you take a participant in, he’s a part of us. So we’ll work with Danny and try to help him , importantly, he must make himself fit”

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