Ben Stokes reflects on a sensational summer with England

England’s top man Ben Stokes spoke for an whole nation of cricket lovers as??he awakened a unforgettable summer in five words:”It was a blast.”
The game has enjoyed its unforgettable year since 2005, elbowing its way to the dialogue with a diet of spills and excitement, from an historic World Cup win at Lord’s to some drawn Ashes series in 47 years.
Nobody has played a bigger part in delivering minutes than Stokes. It had been his one-handed’Superman’ catch in the World Cup curtain-raiser that got the tournament going in style, his never-say-die innings that dragged back the hosts from the brink in the closing and his all-time classic bluff at Headingley which given the highlight of a hard-fought Test campaign against Australia.
Having spent the last few months at the eye of a storm, Stokes was able to kick back and talk about a beer with his England team-mates and rivals since either side came together to kickstart a 2-2 draw at The dressing chambers.
“It has been a blast,” he explained. “There’ve been some extraordinary highs and a few moments that I can barely believe happened, but they did and I will always be able to recall what it was just like being out there at the midst when we won the World Cup or won in Headingley.
“It probably hasn’t all sunk in yet, but at a certain stage I will be able to look back with pride at what we managed to attain as a one time team along with a Test team this year.
“Before England had played a game this summer we understood we had the World Cup along with the Ashes ahead of us and today we’re stood at the ending since World Cup winners and with a drawn Ashes series.
“It hasn’t all been plain sailing since we needed to dig out of a pit in the World Cup and then we had to snare until the very last to find that prize, but we got it.
“Exactly the exact same in the Ashes, we needed to struggle all of the way to the end to have the draw but we have it and I believe this is something we can be so proud of. When things got tough, we didn’t innovate, we stood tall to the end and revealed the character in our dressing room.”
He had been eager to share the credit with colleagues, although stokes is still poised to go down as the central figure in 2019’s sporting dramas.
He termed Stuart Broad’s persistent performances directing the Evaluation attack”heroic”, Rory Burns”incredible” for his efforts at opener and said of emerging star Jofra Archer:”I don’t think I have seen a more talented bowler in my period.”
A tribute was for Jack Leach, drafted in as spinner after Moeen Ali’s loss of form. He managed 12 wickets, including two in two balls to conclude the series but won the public’s hearts.
His one not outside at in a last-wicket stand of 76 with Stokes will decrease in folklore, as will his his addiction of meticulously rubbing on his eyeglasses between balls.
“He’s been the audience favourite the entire summer,” Stokes said. “The entire country fell in love with him.”
There were reports that Australia were taken together with his regular but they refused man of the series Leach if he donned a set of glasses was being mocked by Steve Smith.
Since the teams secured evening the couple happily posed for a film.
“He came for me to let me know that it was not about me personally. I was kind of hoping it had been,” Leach said of Smith. “I believed it was a great laugh. When the video came out of my first one being recreated by me I was embarrassed after Headingley.
“I believe I deserved this, to tell the truth. That’s why we have a picture together after the match
Leach was able to share a joke out that would have changed the course of this show in Leeds with all spinner Nathan Lyon, who fumbled a simple jog.
“Nathan came and said ,’How many beers do you owe me?’ I think owe him a great deal,” he smiled.
“Once I was batting in the end and the crowd were singing,’Stand up in the event that you love Jack Leach’. I simply thought,’What is happening?’ Sport is fickle and I guess you have to appreciate the great moments and not get too down in the bad moments”

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